Garda Vetting

Please find below a step by step guide on how to apply for Garda E-Vetting within the GAA.

Step By Step Guide

1. The applicant clicks this Garda E-Vetting Application Form link, which opens an online form in another screen. This is to be filled out with as much information as possible, including all the sections marked with the red asterisk*

2. Towards the end of this first form you will be asked to verify your identity. There are two ways to do this:

2a.  Fill out this Garda E-Vetting ID form and hand it to your Clubs Children’s Officer, with a copy of a photographic ID and a utility bill. The Club Children’s Officer holds on to this information until the applicant has been vetted, then this documentation must be securely destroyed or passed back to the applicant.


2b. Show this documentation (photographic ID and a utility bill) to your Club Children’s Officer, then scan it in and attach it to the application as noted in the last point on the online form.

* Please note the acceptable forms of Identification are listed on the 2nd page of the ID form. You will see that each item has a score marked beside it, you must provide Identification up to a minimum score of 100 points.

3. When you complete the form and hit ‘Submit’ it will generate a reference number, you will then receive an email with a document similar to the Application Form, this will contain all your details along with your application reference number. Your own Club Secretary will also receive an email at this time to inform them that you have applied for Vetting under that Clubs name.

4. The information you submitted will then be verified by the National GAA Garda Clerical Officer, who will in turn email you back one further and final online form to complete.  Please be advised that you must have access to the email address provided on the first form as this will be used for all correspondence to you from either the GAA or An Garda Siochana.

5. Applicants under the age of 18 and over the age of 16 will also have to fill out a Parental Consent Form

6. Upon receipt of this final form the GAA Garda Vetting office will process your application. As noted above any replies or queries will be emailed ONLY to the address you submitted on the first form.

7. When your application is successful, your Garda Vetting Clearance letter will be emailed to both you and your Club Secretary. Your Club Secretary must contact your Club Children’s Officer and inform them of the decision. At this time the Club Children’s Officer must either return the ID documents or securely destroy them.

Updated Website

This is the club’s updated website. It will soon include online registration and online club lotto in addition to other club information such as latest news, fixtures & results, contact information, etc, etc.

Notification of new features will be sent out by text and social media.

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